• Geothermal


    In 2010, Enbridge made an investment in geothermal energy, which derives heat from beneath the earth's surface and uses it for power generation. This expansion of our renewable portfolio contributes to the North American shift to a green energy production mix.

    Enbridge Inc. owns a 20 percent interest in the Neal Hot Springs facility, located in Malheur County, Oregon. It produces 35 megawatts (MW) of emissions-free power (23 MW net).

    The project was developed by U.S. Geothermal Inc., which also constructed and will operate the facility. The facility injects water below the earth's surface, pushing hot water up through a production well and converting it into steam through a turbine to generate electricity. The water will then be re-injected back into the ground.

    Neal Hot Springs began commercial operations in November 2012, and delivers electricity to the Idaho power grid. The annual yield for the facility is about 191,000 megawatt-hours, enough to power about 24,000 homes. Annual greenhouse gas emission reductions are 375,000 tons, in comparison to emissions generated by a similar-sized, coal-fired generation facility.

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