Please Note: "Receipt Point" on this table represents the contractual and/or actual receipt point into the Garden Banks System. "Metering Point Name" represents where the production and/or meter is located. 

Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, LLC


Master Point List

Receipt/Delivery Point

Receipt Point

Metering Point Name

GISB/PI Data Ref. Number PIN
Receipt Point


AUGER GB-128  (GB-426*) 251298 992100
Receipt Point


BALDPATE GB-260 251300 992102
Receipt Point


ENCHILADA GB-128 251297 992101
Receipt Point


MAGNOLIA GB-128  (GB-783***) 398588 992103
Receipt Point


SMI - 192 ARENA ENERGY 1029136  992104 
Delivery Point   TC OFFSHORE SMI-76 251304 992106
Delivery Point   GB-128 REDELIVERY 224544 992109
Delivery Point   KINETICA SMI-76 251307 992108
Delivery Point   SEA ROBIN SMI-128 251305 992105
Delivery Point   SGG MAGNOLIA REDELIVERY 251310 992110
Delivery Point   TRANSCO SMI-76 251306 992107


*Gas received at Auger GB-128 is metered at GB-426. 

**Some Garden Banks contracts list the primary Receipt Point as GB-85 but there are no physical facilities at that point. Therefore, all meter activity for that gas occurs at GB-260.

***Gas received at Magnolia GB-128 is metered at GB-783.