UTOS Rate Case - RP10-1393-000

    Original Filing 9/30/2010

    1 UTOS Transmittal Letter and Appendices
    2 Tariff Sheets With RedLines 
    3 Tariff Sheets Clean 
    UPC-1 Statement A COS 
    UPC-2 Statement B ROR 
    UPC-3 Schedule B.1 ADIT 
    UPC-4 Schedule B.2 Reg Asst and Liability 
    UPC-5 Statement C Cost of Plant 
    UPC-6 Schedule C.1 Gas Plant 
    UPC-7 Schedule C.1.1 GP Adjs 
    UPC-8 Schedule C.2 Add and Retire 
    UPC-9 Schedule C.3 Gas Storage 
    UPC-10 Schedule C.4 Allow for Const 
    UPC-11 Schedule C.5 CGP not being used 
    UPC-12 Statement D Accum Prov for DD and A 
    UPC-13 Schedule D.1 Dep 
    UPC-14 Schedule D.2 Methods of Dep 
    UPC-15 Statement E Working Cap 
    UPC-16 Schedule E.1 Cash WC Claimed 
    UPC-17 Schedule E.2 Balances for Mat 
    UPC-18 Schedule E.3 Cost of Gas Stored 
    UPC-19 Statement F.1 ROR Claimed
    UPC-20 Statement F.2 Capital Structure 
    UPC-21 Statement F.3 Dept Capital 
    UPC-22 Statement F.4 Pref Stock Cap 
    UPC-23 Statement G Rev Cred and Bill 
    UPC-24 Schedule G-1 Base Period Revenue 
    UPC-25 Schedule G-2 Test Period Revenue 
    UPC-26 Schedule G-3 Prop Adjust Detail
    UPC-27 Schedule G-4 At Risk Revenue 
    UPC-28 Schedule G-5 Other Revenue 
    UPC-29 Schedule G-6 Miscellaneous Revenues 
    UPC-30 Statement H-1 Oper and Maint Exp
    UPC-31 thru 45 Schedule H.1 O and M 
    UPC-46 thru 48 Schedule H.2 Depreciation 
    UPC-49 Statement H-3 Fed State Income Taxes
    UPC-50 Schedule H-3(1) Income Taxes Paid 
    UPC-51 Schedule H-3(2) Reconc Book and Tax
    UPC-52 Statement H-4 Other Taxes 
    UPC-53 to UPC-62 Statement I Cost Class and Allo Method 
    UPC-63 to UPC-65 Statement J Comp Recon EOR-COS 
    UPC-66 Statement L Balance Sheet and Notes to Fin
    UPC-67 Statement M Income Statement 
    UPC-68 Statement O(1) Detailed UTOS map 
    UPC-69 Statement O(2) Major Expans and Abandon 
    UPC-70 Statement O(3) Desc of System Design and Op 
    UPC-71 Merritt testimony and affid 
    UPC-72 Calc of Min Rate Req to Rec OE 
    UPC-73 Sched ARD 01-10 
    UPC-74 Act Throughput 1993-2010 
    UPC-75 Calulation Remaining Life 
    UPC-76 List of Proposed Tariff Changes 
    UPC-77 Worone testimony and affid 
    UPC-78 Photos of Hurricane Damage 
    UPC-79 Calc of Offshore Neg Salv Costs 
    UPC-80 Calc of Onshore Neg Salv Costs 
    UPC-81 Pending Leg and Reg Proposals 
    UPC-82 Bush testimony and affid 
    UPC-83 Porter testimony and affid 
    UPC-84 Experience of Richard Porter 
    UPC-85 Calculation of Mgmt Fee 
    UPC-86 Analysis of UTOS Economic Life 
    UPC-87 Wudrick Testimony and affid 
    UPC-88 Resume of David Wudrick 
    UPC-89 DCF Calculation 
    UPC-90 Supporting Docs for DCF Calculation 
    UPC-91 Calc Hyp Cost of Debt 
    UPC-92 Calc of Hyp Capital Structure 
    UPC-93 Lanik Testimony and affid 
    UPC-94 Enbridge Org Chart 
    UPC-95 Statement of Consent to Apportion 
    UPC-96 Calculation of App State Inc Tax Rate 

    Subsequent Filing 10/20/2010

    UTOS Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer 

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