Enbridge Offshore Pipelines (UTOS), LLC

Firm Transactional Reporting

18 C.F.R. §284.13(b) requires a Transmission Provider to post with respect to each firm contract, or revision of a contract for firm service, the following information no later than the first nomination under a transaction.

Disclaimer: The below information reflects all new and amended contracts for firm transportation that became effective within the last 90 days.

Transactional Reporting - Firm Transportation

Transportation Service Provider Name (TSP Name): Enbridge Offshore Pipelines (UTOS), LLC
Transportation Service Provider (TSP): 24-906-3751
Market-Based Rate Indicator (Mkt Based Rate Ind): N – No
Surcharge Indicator (Surchg Ind)1: 1
Surcharge Identification Code (Surchg ID)2:  
Reservation Rate Basis (Res Rate Basis) 3: MO - Month
Contract Entitlement Begin Time (K Ent Beg Time): 9:00 AM CCT
Contract Entitlement End Time (K Ent EndTime) : 9:00 AM CCT
Maximum Tariff Rate (Max Trf Rate): 1.7
Affiliate Indicator (Affil): None
Special Terms & Miscellaneous Notes (Terms/Notes):  
Posting Date (Post Date):    
Posting Time (Post Time):    
Contract Status (K Stat)4:    
Amendment Reporting (Amend Rptg):   (C - Changes Only, A - All Data)
Contract Holder Name (K Holder Name):    
Contract Holder (K Holder):    
Contract Holder Proprietary Code (K Holder Prop):    
Service Requestor Contract (Svc Req K):    
Contract Begin Date (K Beg Date):    
Contract End Date (K End Date):    
Contract Entitlement Begin Date (K Ent Beg Date):    
Contract Entitlement End Date (K Ent End Date):    
Rate Schedule (Rate Sch):    
Negotiated Rate Indicator (Ngtd Rate Ind):    
Rate Charged (Rate Chgd):    
Rate Identification Code (Rate ID)5:    
Contractual Quantity – Contract (K Qty - K):    
Location (Loc): Location Name (Loc Name): Location/Quantity Type Indicator (Loc/QTI)6:

For questions please contact: Chris Kaitson - (713)821-2028

1. Surcharge Indicator  
Code Value Description Code Value
Rate(s) stated do not include any applicable surcharges; no surcharge detail provided; surcharge total provided  7
Rate(s) stated do not include any applicable surcharges; surcharge detail provided; no surcharge total provided  6
2. Surcharge Identification Code  
Code Value Description Code Value
Annual Charge Adjustment ACA
Contract Adjustment CTA
Demand DEM
Reservation - Settlement  502
Reservation Balancing  RSBL
Reservation Charge Adjustment  RCA
Reservation volumetric  RSVL
Surcharge - Event  EVE
Surcharge - Fuel  FUE
3. Reservation Rate Basis  
Code Value Description Code Value
Per day DA
Per month  MO
Per year  YR
4. Contract Status  
Code Value Description Code Value
Amended A
Corrected / Updated C
New N
5. Rate Identification Code  
Code Value Description Code Value
Authorized Overrun 125
Blended rate 141
Capacity CAP
Capacity - Field  100
Capacity - Market 101
Commodity COM
Reservation RES
Reservation - Field Transportation  104
Reservation - Gathering 105
Volumetric VOL
6. Location/Quantity Type Indicator   
Code Value Description Code Value
Bundled Contract Quantity - Daily  9
Delivery point(s) quantity  10
Mainline quantity  2
Receipt point(s) quantity  5
Receipt point(s) to delivery point(s) quantity  1