Mokena Terminal Line Release

Update as of Nov. 28
Enbridge continues to make significant progress at the site. Soil excavation activity continues in the vicinity of the pressure relief line within the containment area as well as disposal of the impacted soil to an approved off-site waste facility. The safety of people and the protection of the environment are our highest priorities. We continue to conduct air monitoring and sampling activities in both the community and work areas. No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) have been detected outside of the facility. Enbridge will continue to coordinate and communicate its efforts with regulators and public officials.  We will conduct site restoration and repair in compliance with all government regulations and our own stringent safety and environmental standards. We greatly appreciate the support we’ve received from local officials as well as the patience and understanding of nearby community residents while we continue this work.

In the afternoon of Tuesday, Nov. 20, a leak was discovered inside the Chicap Mokena Terminal, which is operated by BP. The released volume was estimated at approximately 150 m3 (900 bbls). All of the oil was contained entirely within one of the storage tank dikes inside the facility, and all the visible oil within the tank dike has now been recovered. The situation does not pose a health or safety risk to the community. At the time of discovery, the source of the leak was not evident. BP, therefore, reported the incident to regulatory authorities since it operates the Chicap Mokena Terminal. Excavation crews began investigative digs to locate the source of the leak. On the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 21, the leak was confirmed to have occurred on an infrequently used Enbridge tankage line. Cleanup of the tank lot and repair of the tankage line is in progress at the terminal. Line 14 and Line 6A continue to operate. An investigation into the cause of the release is proceeding and any learnings will be appropriately applied.