Line 21 (Norman Wells Pipeline) Segment Replacement Project

Enbridge operates Line 21 (the Norman Wells Pipeline), which carries crude oil 870 kilometres (540 miles) from Norman Wells, Northwest Territories to Zama, Alberta, where it enters a third-party pipeline system and is sent on to Edmonton.

The 12-inch-diameter pipeline travels approximately 750 km (466 miles) through the Northwest Territories, with a design capacity of 50,000 barrels per day. Enbridge pipeline assets in the Northwest Territories include pump stations and related facilities at Norman Wells, Wrigley, and Mackenzie.

In November 2016, as a precautionary measure, Enbridge shut down Line 21 to investigate and address slope instability near the Mackenzie River crossing approximately 10 km east of Fort Simpson.

At that time, product was safely removed, or purged, from the segment of Line 21 that crosses the Mackenzie River and re-injected into the pipeline downstream of the river crossing.

Enbridge applied to the National Energy Board (NEB) to undertake replacement of a segment of the line, and in January 2018, the NEB approved the Application to complete the Line 21 Segment Replacement Project subject to 19 conditions.

Over the past few months, and heavily throughout the summer, Enbridge completed the replacement of the segment.  

In August 2018, Enbridge submitted a Leave to Open (LTO) Application with the NEB, which was subsequently approved on September 24, 2018. The service of the line has since been safely restarted.

We value our relationship with stakeholders and Indigenous groups and are committed to a strong ongoing working relationship with the community. Enbridge thanks the Fort Simpson and area communities for their support.

Our project completion fact sheet offers details of the work undertaken as part of Enbridge's Line 21 Segment Replacement Project, which entailed installation of a new 2.5-km segment of pipe under the Mackenzie River using horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

For further project and community updates, please read our latest Fall 2018 newsletter.

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Norman Wells Segment Replacement Project Map

This map shows the pipeline and the slope impacted area

Project Information:

National Energy Board

On January 25, 2018, the NEB approved the Line 21 Segment Replacement Project subject to 19 conditions. The NEB also approved Enbridge’s application to decommission the segment of pipeline being replaced by the Project.

Enbridge's Line 21 application and associated regulatory filings can be viewed and downloaded directly from the NEB's website. The NEB’s Reasons for Decision, including a listing of its conditions for approval can be found here.

Enbridge applied for a Leave to Open (LTO) to reactive Line 21 on August 30, 2018. The NEB granted LTO to Enbridge on September 24, 2018. Associated regulatory documents regarding this decision and compliance can also be found on the NEB website here.

Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board

The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board issued the project Land Use Permit (subject to 84 conditions) on February 2, 2018. The GNWT Minister of Environment and Natural Resources approved the project Water Licence on March 9, 2018.

The Land Use Permit can be found here, and the Water License and MVLWB Reasons for Decision can be found here.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Specialized construction for large waterways and sensitive areas

Slope Inspection and Monitoring

Pipelines are designed to pass through geographically diverse areas including slopes and other terrain.

Enbridge's economic impact on the Northwest Territories
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