Fact Sheets and Brochures

Line 3 Replacement Project and need

Line 3 project poster

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Regulatory outreach and community process

Poster detailing regulatory process of Line 3 project

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Summer 2020 project newsletter

Line 3 Minnesota newsletter cover

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Line 3 Replacement Project Handout

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Landowner choice: Deactivation in place

Landowner choice newsletter cover

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Landowner choice: Removal option

Landowner newsletter front page

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Line 3 Replacement Executive Summary

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Line 3 Replacement Infographic

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What's left before construction

Fact sheet - What's left before construction

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Ecofootprint Program Grant Highlights

Ecofootprint Grant Award

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Line 3 Replacement Quick Facts

Line 3 quick facts

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Community Investment

Safe Community Handout

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Deactivation Process

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Typical pipeline construction process

Illustration of pipeline construction process

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